India-China Foreign Ministers Hold Phone Talks, Insist On Peace

According to news agency Reuters, Chinese mobile company OPO on Wednesday canceled the online line launching program in India. This has happened amid tension on the border between China and India. Due to tension on the outskirts in both countries, there is also a demand for boycott of Chinese product on social media in India.

On Monday night, there was a clash between the army of China and India in Galvan valley of eastern Ladakh. In this, 20 soldiers of India were killed. This was the first skirmish at this level after 1967 on the border between the two countries. There was already growing doubt about Chinese investors in India. Many kinds of questions were already being raised due to Corona virus. India also closed the automatic route for investment from China.

Chinese companies Great Wall, SAIC and ByteDans have made large investments in India. Alibaba has also started many startups. Brands like the Chinese smartphone OPO, Xiaomi are eight out of every ten selling smartphones in India. OPO also has a phone-assembly plant in India. OPO had already announced that it will launch the new X2 smartphone on Wednesday. YouTube link was to go live in the evening at four o'clock but did not go live.

Instead of launching the phone, the company uploaded a 20-minute video describing how OPO is helping India in the fight against the corona virus. When Reuters asked to cancel the live launch program, there was no response from OPO.

But it is being said that the company would have been targeted on social media in an atmosphere of tension, so it was postponed. Abhishek Saxena, co-founder of law firm Phoenix from Reuters, said that the current government of India is in no hurry to approve the new proposal coming from China.

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