Criticism Of Pakistan By Indian Officer, Blunt Response From Turkey

Retired Indian Major said that Turkey should receive advance money from Pakistan for the ships, otherwise it will not be received later. Turkish politician Ali Shaheen replied that "Pakistan has paid all this during the Khilafah era".

Lahore: Retired Indian Major has received a scathing response from Turkey for his criticism of Pakistan. Under the agreement, 2 Militia Class Corvette will be built in Turkey while the other 2 will be manufactured in Pakistan.

According to the agreement, the technology of Muljim Class Corvette will also be transferred to Pakistan. He is warning Turkey to receive money from Pakistan in advance for these ships, otherwise, it will not be received later.

Responding to a retired Indian Army officer, Turkish politician Ali Shaheen said that Pakistan had paid all this during the Khilafah era.

After this blunt reply, the Indian Major or any other Indian did not dare to reply. While the tweet of the Turkish politician is being appreciated by Pakistani users. The first groundbreaking ceremony for the Meljam Class Corvette was held last week at the Naval Shipyard in Istanbul.

The Miljim Ship is 99 meters long and has a displacement capacity of 2400 and a range of 29 nautical miles. ۔ The statement said that the Miljim Class Corvette is equipped with state-of-the-art defense equipment, including anti-aircraft weapons, sensors and combat management system.

He said that this ship would be one of the state-of-the-art platforms of the Pakistan Navy which would play a significant role in maintaining peace, stability and balance of power in the Indian Ocean region. Mohammad Jahanzeb Ahsan emphasized the deep friendship between Turkey and Pakistan for cooperation in the construction of warships and other defense sectors at the local level. In October 2019, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, along with Pakistan Navy Chief Admiral Zafar Mahmoud Abbasi, cut the first metal plate of the first Militia Class Corvette during a ceremony in Istanbul and laid the foundation stone. One that uses local resources to build a warship.

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