Who Cares, God Willing, The Air Hostesses Were Taken Off The Plane At The Last Minute

In place of Madiha Iram, Anam Khan was boarded the plane 
Who cares, God willing, the air hostesses were taken off the plane at the last minute.

Karachi, God willing, who tasted it, air hostess Madiha was taken off the plane at the last minute. According to details, about 100 people were on board the plane that crashed in Karachi. Many people were desperate to meet their loved ones to celebrate Eid-ul-Fitr. Today a PIA plane carrying 91 passengers went to Karachi but who knew that this plane would crash when it reaches Karachi.

Several passengers on board have been reported dead. However, God forbid, who tasted it, PIA air posts Madiha Iram was taken off the plane at the last minute. However, Anam Khan was taken in his place. The reason for taking off from the plane could not be ascertained. However, Madiha Iram is the only lucky one who got off the plane and got offloaded.

On the other hand, a list of passengers on board the PIA plane that crashed in Karachi was released. The plane was carrying 91 passengers and seven crew members. Ryan Shehryar, Khalid Sher Dal, Suraya Karim, Syeda Ayesha, Syed Mohammad, Mohammad Shaheer, Karan Shahid, Iqra Shahid, Syed Danish Shah, Al-Siah Shahria, Ammar Rashid were among the passengers on the plane. , Muhammad Shabbir, Farhan Qadir, Waheeda Rehman, Fazal Rehman, Asif Raja were also part of the flight. Also present were Karim Naveed, Feroze, Shahnaz Pervez, Qadir Masih, Osama Mahmood, Alwina Mustafa, Ansar Naqvi, Ibrahim Muhammad, Zubair Muhammad, Saleem Muhammad, Zohaib Muhammad Mubashir Hamad, Shoaib Muhammad, Usman Muhammad and Sadiq Muhammad.

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