More Than One Lakh Pakistanis Stranded Abroad Have Registered For Repatriation

More than one lakh Pakistanis stranded abroad have registered for repatriation

Islamabad: The number of registered Pakistanis stranded abroad has increased to 103,000. Details of unemployed and stranded Pakistanis have come to light. According to the document, 21,808 Pakistanis were fired from their jobs abroad. 31,000 Pakistanis are on unpaid emergency leave while 50,000 Pakistanis are stranded abroad due to expiration of their visas and other reasons.

According to the document, 2,000 more Pakistanis were fired from the UAE, bringing the total to 12,702. After 5,000 more Pakistanis were fired from Saudi Arabia, the number exceeded 6,000.

691 Pakistanis working in Qatar lost their jobs. 1,074 Pakistani jobs have been laid off from Oman, 341 from Algeria and 500 from Kuwait.

42 Pakistanis were fired from Bahrain and 441 from Iraq. On the other hand, 4,800 Pakistanis working for three short-term companies in Qatar are also trapped. The total number of Pakistanis stranded in the UAE is 69,500, 15,876 in Saudi Arabia, 5,000 in Qatar, 5,134 in Oman and 5 in Kuwait. There are 1,400 Pakistanis in Malaysia, 917 in Algeria, 341 in Algeria, 387 in Bahrain and 441 in Iraq.

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