29 More Corona Patients Leave Home After Recovery In Lahore

29 more Corona patients leave home after recovery in Lahore: CM Punjab

Lahore has 206 patients recovered so far, the number of patients recuperated across the province has been 684, insha Allah Allah we will soon overcome this epidemic: Usman Bazdar's Twitter message

LAHORE (Erdo پوائنan Newspaper News-19 April 2020) In Corona, 29 more Corona patients have gone to their homes, Chief Minister Usman Bazdar said in his Twitter message that 29 more Corona patients have been tested negative in Lahore today. So far, 206 patients have recovered in Lahore. He said the number of patients receiving medical care across the province has grown to 684.

On the other hand, Director Sheikh Zayed Hospital Quetta reported that 133 positive and 80 suspected patients from Corona have gone home from Sheikh Zayed Hospital till now.

In addition, the National Command and Operation Center has released the latest data on Corona virus, the number of confirmed Corona cases in the country has reached 7993, the number of Corona virus active cases is up to 5966, as a whole. But 159 people have been killed. So far, there have been 98522 tests while 7847 have been tested in the last 24 hours.

According to statistics, the number of confirmed cases of Corona virus has reached 7993 in the country while the number of Corona virus active cases is up to 5966. The number of Corona virus cases in Punjab reached highest at 3649, while in Sindh, 2355 Corona virus cases were reported, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa with 1137 cases and Islamabad 171. Sindh has lost 48 patients, 41 in Punjab and 60 in KP. In Gilgit-Baltistan and 5 in Balochistan, Corona virus has died. In the federal capital, two Corona virus patients died.

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